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All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep!

SNORE HAMMER is designed an invented in Denmark

SNORE HAMMER is portable, compact and light as a feather!

SNOR HAMMER is delivered in a cool gift box.

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New Invention. Millions of people can not sleep. Here is the solution!

Top Gift Of The Year 2021

Pre-order SNORE HAMMER; buy yourself a bit of peace and quiet.


The SNORE HAMMER was inspired by a myriad of stories from all corners of the globe - some very serious, others simply hilarious - about sharing a room with or living close to someone who snores. SNORE HAMMER is portable, compact and light as a feather!

Did you know?

Forty percent of us can’t sleep due to our partner’s snoring. Most people would agree that stopping snoring would make their lives better. They would finally get a decent night’s sleep, and have more energy.

How to Deal with a Snoring Spouse

Sleep is the one time of the day when you can tune out, relax and enjoy being at peace. There’s nothing better than cuddling up beside your partner to wind down after a long day…only to find that they begin to snore and keep you awake.

The constant vibrating noise, which erupts every time they breathe in and out throughout the night, is disruptive to your sleep and theirs. While some couples see snoring as a minor nuisance or while one part suffers in silence (or lack thereof!), for most, it’s not that simple. A new invention, SNORE HAMMER, is here to help you!

Commandments of snoring

1. Thou shalt not snore on the first date

2. Thou shalt not snore at your in-laws’ place

3. Thou shalt not snore on the golf course (and if you do, close your mouth)

4. For safety reasons, thou shalt not snore on a ferry (you sound like a foghorn)

5. Thou shalt not snore under an apple tree

6. Thou shalt not snore in a field where there is a bull

7. Thou shalt not snore while riding an electric bike

8. Thou shalt not snore in an elevator (you might set off an earthquake alarm)

9. Thou shalt not snore while eating pizza because it’s gross

10. Thou shalt not snore when sunbathing on a sandy beach.´

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